The Magnis—Giovanni and Carlo—hit the jackpot when they created their Filo Rosso, a superbly nostalgic replica of the legendary MV Agusta 350/500 GP Three that assisted Giacomo Agostini in conquering his 15 MotoGP championships. Magni Filo Rosso is not homologated anywhere, yet sales around the world fill the manufacturing capabilities of the Magni atelier and that spurred the Magni brothers to further invest on that project that very wisely mixes today's MV Agusta engine technology and performance potential to the duplication of the long-established MV Agusta MotoGP chassis racing settings and elegantly sleek and aggressive styling. A new variation on the Filo Rosso project, the Magni 750S Tributo pays tribute to the most iconic MV Agusta models of the old generation, the 1971 750 Sport, the red-white-blue legend.

750S Tributo
The Magni 750S Tributo.Courtesy of Magni

The design of the tank, its paint scheme, and the profile of the red trimmed seat are perfect as I have always remembered them, and, when Giovanni and Carlo invited me to see their new creation in advance of EICMA 2018, I was absolutely fascinated. The liquid-cooled MV Agusta 800cc triple, in its present Brutale Euro 4 homologated form, produces 110 hp and is much more compact and lighter than the old, air-cooled MV Agusta 750 S four which was only good for 68.5 hp. Here, the MV Agusta 800 powerplant is fitted with very marginally silenced, individual megaphone-style exhausts and open bellmouth throttle bodies that might return some extra horsepower. But it is the look and the sound that really count for the ultimate MV Agusta enthusiasts. The Magni 750 S Tributo looks smaller than the old MV Agusta 750 Sport, but in reality it spans about an extra inch of wheelbase, 56 inches against 54.7 inches. On the other hand, it is immensely lighter: 353 pounds versus 540 pounds.

open bellmouth velocity stacks
Ride-by-wire throttle bodies are topped with open bellmouth velocity stacks.Bruno dePrato

The Magni 750S Tributo evolves from the original Filorosso that Cycle World tested in 2015, both in the quality of the components and in some measurements, while the structure of the frame remains basically unchanged. The main dimensional differences are in the wheelbase, extended from 54 to 56 inches, and in the seat height that has grown from 30.3 to 33.3 inches, delivering a less-cramped riding posture.

750S Tributo
The 750S Tributo has a less-cramped riding position than its predecessors.Bruno dePrato

The fork now is tailor-made for Magni by a highly specialized supplier, ORAM, that created a 43mm classic fork that is fully adjustable in compression, rebound, and spring preload. These units still generate a visual connection with the original Ceriani 35mm unit, but they feature state-of-the-art technology.

ORAM 43mm fork
An ORAM 43mm fork and a beautiful Discacciati master cylinder grace the front of the Magni 750S Tributo.Courtesy of Magni

Brakes are by Brembo and feature a twin 320mm rotor front unit with classic mount four-piston calipers teamed to a beautiful Discacciati master cylinder, machined from billet aluminum. Stunning wire wheels by JoNich Wheels come in 2.50-18-inch front and 4.00-18-inch rear rim sizes and are shod with the latest 110-80/18 and 160/60-18 Racetec RRK1 high-performance radials that Metzeler has created to respond to the growing demand of old-timer enthusiasts.

The three individual, megaphone-style exhaust pipes are hand made and then nickel plated for a neat, non-glaring look. Same as the Filo Rosso, the 750S Tributo will not be homologated; real enthusiasts around the world either ride them wherever the rules are loose enough to let them on the road with no bureaucratic headaches, or enjoy them on the track. Or maybe they put them on show in their living room. The Magni MV replicas are real bikes, with the ability to set flaming passions in the heart of enthusiasts and purists. Maybe there is a meaning in all that, and the big names of the motorcycling industry should stop a moment to ponder what it really takes to put the motorcycling market back in gear.