An Introduction to Stretching for the Motorcyclist

We continue our “Winter Improvement” series with getting your body fit and pliable

Nick's Note: We can buy new tires and reflash our ECU, but what about the on-board-engineer? To continue our "Winter Improvement" series, we ask Jenn Peris of to get us ready for riding season with Standing Hip Stretches based on her extensive knowledge of not just yoga, but of what a motorcycle rider needs to succeed: Jenn is married to Chris Peris, AMA and WERA national winner and champion. Jenn Peris leads the YCRS warmup and stretch sessions at Inde Motorsports Ranch and I asked her and Chris for this video for a simple reason: You will ride better when your body is fit and pliable. Riders: don't just watch, get off your ass and do what Jenn says!! If you would like to see more Rider-Prep Exercises from the Perises, please leave a comment.

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