For the vast majority of the moto-buying public, a flagship model represents an aspirational thing: an exquisitely crafted, highly accessorized, and sumptuously styled machine that’s made to drool over and maybe get us all to think, “some day.” For manufacturers, they’re a rolling showcase for new technologies and materials, maybe a chance for a cosmetic tweak, and a way of keeping fans excited and perhaps grabbing a quick glance from the general public.

When Indian first resurrected the Roadmaster name back in 2015, that was the plan. The new flagship brought all the requisite bells and whistles and sat atop Indian's touring stable, just like its namesake from the late '40s.

2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite
The 2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite brings Indian’s latest tech and luxury comfort features in a full-dress limited-edition package.Indian Motorcycle

For 2019, Indian is staying in the luxury touring game with the latest tweak on its flagship, the ultra-premium 2019 Roadmaster Elite. If you want your modern touring amenities to come dressed in iconic Indian Motorcycle styling with a side of exclusive features and the latest tech from Indian, the Elite is your only option.

Part of that is because not everyone can have one; there will be only 200 limited-edition Roadmaster Elites available. Although it rides on the same 65.7-inch wheelbase as the Roadmaster and is propelled by the same ripping Thunder Stroke 111 engine set between two 16-inch wheels clamped by triple disc brakes and ABS, the Elite steps it up several notches in several key categories. Chief among those is an upgraded 600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus system. With that much power, you’ll probably be out-rocking the Lincoln Navigator the next lane over; Indian says the fairing, trunk, and saddlebag speakers are all 50 percent louder than the stock system on the 2019 Roadmaster. The Elite also ups the ante with a dynamic equalizer that auto-adjusts frequencies for the best level depending on speed as well as road, wind, and engine noise.

Elite’s new six-speaker, 600-watt sound system
Drown out that annoying Katy Perry song from the car next to you with the Elite’s new six-speaker, 600-watt sound system.Indian Motorcycle

As with Indian’s Roadmaster and Chieftain models, you’ll also get the 7-inch Ride Command infotainment system with navigation, customizable info screens, and Bluetooth compatibility. The Elite has three selectable ride modes as well, so riders can toggle between Tour, Standard, and Sport modes to fit their riding preferences. Rear Cylinder Deactivation makes the scene on all the Thunder Stroke 111 models; when the mill reaches operating temperature and the ambient temperature exceeds 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the rear cylinder automatically shuts down (at a standstill) for less engine heat. The rear cylinder instantly reactivates when you pick up the throttle, and off you go. Redesigned lowers also direct heat away from pilots.

Rear Cylinder Deactivation
Rear Cylinder Deactivation—found on all of Indian’s Thunder Stroke 111 models—offers better heat management for riders.Indian Motorcycle

Indian didn’t skimp on the swank detailing or the shiny bits, with leather passenger armrests, detailed billet aluminum floorboards, a premium touring console, and chrome bumpers all adding to the eye candy. And if the quilted-stitching on the genuine leather two-up heated saddle wasn’t enough, the Elite is also subjected to a hand-painted color scheme, just like last year’s model. Unlike last year however, this time you get a Wildfire Red Candy over Black Crystal paint colorway with 24-karat gold leaf badging (the Elite models have a thing for gold leaf apparently). That whole paint process takes nearly 30 hours to complete and is finished by hand, which is probably why it’s only available in that one hue.

Indian gas tank
Meticulously applied, hand-finished and gold leaf badging—that’s the Roadmaster Elite’s tank for you.Indian Motorcycle
Leather seat
Leather passenger armrests, detail stitching, individually heated for rider and passenger—there’s some pretty cush accommodations here.Indian Motorcycle

Rounding out the top-line amenities on the 2019 Roadmaster Elite is full LED lighting, heated handgrips, keyless ignition, a power windshield, weatherproof remote-locking saddlebags, and more than 37 gallons of storage space. If you still have some change left in your pockets, performance upgrades are available too: a new Stage 1 Exhaust, a Thunder Stroke Stage 1 Performance Air Intake, Thunder Stroke Stage 2 Performance Cams, and the 116ci Stage 3 Big Bore Kit. Additional style and ergo accessories include a mid-rise handlebar, a new color-matched open fender, and 19-inch front wheel. We’re still bummed to not see a reverse gear on a bike weighing close to 950 pounds wet (the Elite weighs 26 pounds more than the standard Roadmaster) especially considering Honda’s Gold Wing, BMW’s K1600, and Yamaha’s Star Venture all have that feature, or at least an option for it (Harley’s tourers don’t have reverse either).

37 gallons of storage space
The Elite gives you a whopping 37 gallons of storage space, including enough room for two full-face helmets in the top trunk.Indian Motorcycle

With only 200 units available in North America, pricing for the ultra-premium Roadmaster Elite starts at $36,999 in the US and goes up to $44,499 in Canada. They’re available at Indian Motorcycle dealers today.

Roadmaster Elite
Two hundred of these 2019 Roadmaster Elite models is all that North America gets.Indian Motorcycle
Ride Command
The 7-inch Ride Command infotainment system brings nav, customizable screens, and Bluetooth compatibility to the Elite.Indian Motorcycle
touring console
Premium touring console on the Elite.Indian Motorcycle
classic chief
Leading the charge on the Roadmaster Elite is this classic chief.Indian Motorcycle

Thirty-seven large for a motorcycle is an awful lot of coin, but to be fair, a comparable Harley CVO with similar engine size and touring appointments starts at a equally sobering $40,000. For affluent motorcyclists looking for long-haul luxury, unique styling, and exclusivity, it’s probably an easy choice.

For more info, visit Indian Motorcycle's website.