How Much Power Does The 2019 Suzuki SV650X Make?

Dyno numbers and video on a café racer take of the legendary SV650.

The SV650X is Suzuki's take on the café racer market, tweaking the base-model SV with stylish components to intrigue a new demographic. A stylish headlight cowling and clip-on handlebars give the X model a racer feel, while sleek side fairings and a brown leather-like seat completes the look.

Core components mirror the legendary SV650 base model, including the trellis-style steel frame, four-piston Tokico braking components, and a highly capable 645cc L-twin engine. The package strikes a fine balance of being entertaining to all levels of riders, yet a competent companion for novice riders.

2019 Suzuki SV650X dynoRobert Martin

We measured the performance of the SV650X on the Cycle World dyno, recording horsepower and torque performance. The Suzuki produced 68.15 hp at 8,890 rpm and 42.90 pound-feet of torque at 8,170 rpm.