How Do You Take The Plunge To Become A Motorcycle Expert?

Order now! Operators are standing by!

I want to make a pitch to you. We've seen all these Honda CBR600RR parts in intimate detail. We've been through all the systems. We've learned a thing or two about the innards of engines. That engine cost me $150.

There has never been a time like the present when so many used parts are so easily available through the internet. Anyone with $150 could have an engine like the one we’ve just been looking at. That’s part 1 of the pitch.

Part 2 is that usable satisfactory tools have never been as cheap or as available as they are right now. You could have a decent working set of tools for $100 that would be delivered to your house on the day after tomorrow.

If you are curious about motorcycles—internal-combustion engines, chassis, suspension—reach out with a boat hook and snag some of the wonderful junk that is just drifting by, like our $150 Honda engine.

With a junk engine, a cheap set of tools—updated from time to time, as need be—and a service manual, you will have all the elements you need to start satisfying your curiosity and set yourself on the road to becoming your own expert.

You will have looked inside. Sit and stare at the parts until you understand them. Read the manual. Think about it some more. Talk to yourself in the shower. Please, if you have this curiosity, you can do what we've done here on camera. Start today!