Honda CR Electric Prototype Motocross Bike Ridden At All Japan National

First video of Honda’s all-new electric bike being ridden at a motocross track

The Honda CR Electric prototype motocross bike was unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show on Friday, March 22. Few details were released about the bike, including that it's powered by a Maxwell lithium-ion battery and the motor was built with the assistance of M-TEC. Additionally, we can tell that a majority of the bike's parts including the aluminum twin-spar frame, Showa suspension components, swingarm, wheels, seat, and plastics are similar to that of the 2019 Honda CRF250R. This past weekend at round 1 of the MFJ All Japan Motocross Championship at HSR Kyushu in Kumamoto, Japan, Honda's electric motocross bike was on display in the pits and was filmed being ridden on the track before racing began.