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Honda's ADV Scooter is Coming

Maybe just not here yet

When Honda debuted its "City Adventure" concept at EICMA in 2015, eyebrows were raised. And now, Honda is letting us know that this was no concept. It’s serious about its ADV scooter.

Let this quick-cut video be proof of the borderless whimsy this new product will offer.

Sharing a frame and a 745cc parallel-twin, and transmission with the European NC750X (an updated version of the NC700X that we don’t yet get), this new offering also features knobbier tires, a look that slams Overlanding with Akira, and some decent looking suspension componentry.

Honda "City Adventure" concept studio 3/4 view

Honda "City Adventure" concept.

Courtesy of Honda

Frankly, this is a brilliant idea. With a high parts-sharing count, it should be reasonably profitable. And in countries where the roads are bad and scooters reign, something a little higher scale and well-equipped could carve out a popular niche.

It could even work here in the U.S. Our roads are nothing to write home about, and smashing and thrashing your way on an orange mocha Frappuccino run is a dream I hold very dear to my heart.

As of right now there is no word on if Honda has any plans to bring this bike stateside. But who else out there want it too?


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