Here's A Better Look At Honda's Silly ADV Scooter

Is it just me, or are knobbies not enough sometimes?

We've known for some time that Honda had an adventure scooter in the works. They unveiled the "City Adventure" concept at EICMA last year and then, this last July, released the first teaser for the upcoming scoot.

This new adventure scooter is said to be built around the 745 cc parallel twin and engine from the Honda NC750 and Integra Scooter. To that, it adds longer travel suspension, knobby tires, and higher bars.

Honda adventure scooter
Honda City Adventure ConceptCourtesy of Honda

Overall, the idea for a scooter with some adventure abilities is a great one. A huge portion of the two-wheeled world gets around on a scooter of some sort, and the bulk of them do so on roads much less refined than our wide and smooth Southern California pavement. If their thinking really is to market this to less advanced countries, why make it so big and put such a large engine in it? Keep it small and nimble and make it more able to tackle tough roads and you have a winner.

But, if you really do intend to bring it to more developed nations and really do want to make it a new segment of bikes and new way to ride off-road, shouldn't you try and incorporate some way to stand while riding? Don't get me wrong, the idea of sliding something with a scooter's center of gravity around some fire roads sounds like a blast. Just a pretty limited one.