Have You Ever Been Stranded On A Motorcycle?

Broken down? Out of gas? Straight-legging could save the day

The first time I saw “straight-legging” was when AMA national champion and hall of famer Mark Brelsford saved my La Carrera race weekend by pushing me and a recalcitrant Cagiva to great speeds for a fourth-gear bump start. Nice to learn from the best...

The last time I saw straight-legging was two months ago when I pushed an old Honda CB550 and its 18-year-old owner 4 miles along the freeway into the next town. He was young, but it still would have been a long walk.

In this video, Yamaha Champions Riding School senior instructor Mark Schellinger and I run through the process and include some risk-mitigation techniques that will help ensure a successful outcome in this edgy and difficult procedure.

Done well, it’s a game saver, and I felt it important to put it in your toolbox of tricks “just in case.”