Harley-Davidson cracked open its crystal ball this month and showed us how it plans to aggressively blaze new trails and attract new riders. The announcement was full of surprises—a naked sportbike, an ADV bike, and a whole slew of electric bikes with form factors to come. Hot takes rained down and no comment section was left unscorched.

But that's the future, and 2019 is coming up fast. So here is what Harley-Davidson has in store for the 2019 model year. It brings focus back to its lineup of heavyweight Touring and trike models. Have no fear, Harley faithful, this launch is for you.

More tech for 2019 Harley-Davidson Touring and trike models

The Boom! Box infotainment system made its debut in 2013 to bring touchscreen and device connectivity to Harley-Davidson’s Touring models. 2019 sees a heavy revision to update the whole system inside and out, and make it more user friendly.

The looks, for example, are all new, featuring a TFT display with edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass. Harley claims this display has a unique surface treatment designed to minimize reflection for exceptional visibility in bright sunlight, and is optimized for use in wet or dry conditions—even when used with riding gloves.

TFT display
A new TFT display with Gorilla Glass works in wet or dry conditions with riding gloves.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

The guts of the device feature improved processing speed and more memory to reduce start-up time. The UX/UI is also reconfigured to look, feel, and interact more in line with modern touchscreens. Think pinching, swiping, and dragging movements.

The Boom! Box system is now Apple CarPlay compatible and features voice commands for navigation. A new navigation engine features voice-recognition-enabled “one box search” function for added rider convenience. Finally, the Boom! Box GTS navigation system features a new integration with the Harley-Davidson app for iOS or Android so riders can seamlessly upload routes and/or find new ones.

But performance enhancements have also come to make the ride, not just cruising along Daytona blasting Florida Georgia Line, more fun.

More power and electronics for 2019 Harley-Davidson Touring and trike models. New suspension for 2019 trike models

For 2019 Harley-Davidson announced four big changes under one package name: Reflex Linked Brake System. This features four separate systems acting as one.

First there’s traction control, which is new to Harley-Davidson’s Touring and trike line. Second, is the new Drag-torque Slip Control System (DSCS). This detects excessive rear wheel slip under deceleration and adjusts engine torque delivery to better match rear-wheel speed to road speed. There’s ABS, which features no changes but is integrated into this system. Finally there are the linked brakes. What makes this system new and improved is the addition of an IMU to the mix.

Together, all four combine to make a motorcycle that will stop and accelerate more confidently in less-than-ideal conditions.

HD Trike
Harley-Davidson’s trikes get new suspension, traction control, and linked brakes.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

On the hardware side, the 2019 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra and Freewheeler get new front and rear suspension. The new front suspension features dual bending valve internal technology for more linear damping performance, smoother ride, and better feel. Emulsion technology rear suspension feature a single-knob preload adjustment.

In addition, select 2019 Touring and trike motorcycles are powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. Harley says the Milwaukee-Eight 114 delivers up to 5 percent more torque than the Milwaukee-Eight 107 (123 pound-feet versus 117 pound-feet) and up to 5 percent quicker 0-to-60-mph acceleration than Milwaukee-Eight 107.

New features, finishes, and accessories for three CVO motorcycles.

If you’re searching for the biggest, brightest, and brawniest of the Harley-Davidson line, then your search begins with the CVO offerings. For 2019, three of these models receive more styling options, more tech, and, of course, the biggest Milwaukee-Eight available.

2019 CVO models
The 2019 CVO models get all the technical upgrades along with new colors and finishes and accessories.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

2019 CVO Limited

For 2019, the CVO Limited gets Tomahawk front 19-inch and rear 18-inch wheels and features the new Kahuna Collection (shifter pegs, brake pedal cover, muffler end caps, heated grips, and rider and passenger footboards).

2019 CVO Limited
The 2019 CVO Limited in Magnetic Grey Fade.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

There are three paint and wheel options: Auburn Sunglo/Rich Bourbon/Black Hole with Contrast Chrome Tomahawk wheels, Red Pepper/Wineberry/Magnetic Grey with Contrast Anodize Tomahawk wheels, and Magnetic Grey Fade with Contrast Anodize Tomahawk wheels.

2019 CVO Street Glide

For 2019, the CVO Street Glide receives the new Kahuna Collection like the CVO Limited.

2019 CVO Street Glide
The CVO Street Glide for 2019.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

There are three paint and wheel options: Charred Steel/Lightning Silver with Contrast Chrome Talon wheels, Wineberry/Black Forest with Contrast Anodize Talon wheels, Black Forest with Contrast Anodize Talon wheels.

2019 CVO Road Glide

For 2019, the CVO Road Glide receives model-specific wheel, bodywork, and paint options. Specific to the 2019 CVO Road glide are Fang Front Spoiler, Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather intake, and 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel.

2019 CVO Road Glide
The 2019 CVO Road Glide gets a Fang Front Spoiler, Heavy Breather intake, and special paint options.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

There are three paint and wheel options: Charred Steel/Lightning Silver/Black Hole with Contrast Chrome Knockout wheels and Bright Chrome covers and exhaust, Red Pepper/Magnetic Grey/Black Hole with Contrast Anodize Knockout wheels, and Mako Shark Fade with Contrast Anodize Knockout wheels.

Like the rest of the 2019 Touring and trike models, these CVO models also receive the new Boom! Box GTS infotainment system. However, the boom is upped in each system with speaker options from the Harley-Davidson catalog—Stage II in the CVO Street Glide and Road Glide, and Stage I in the CVO Limited.

All CVO models are powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 117 is exclusive to CVO models and features 117ci displacement, a high-performance camshaft and intake, an elevated 10.2:1 compression ratio, and produces up to 125 pound-feet of torque. On 2019 models the Milwaukee-Eight 117 for CVO is identified by a bright Blaze Red band on the engine rocker boxes.

FXDR 114 Power Cruiser makes its debut

Last year, the V-Rod left the lineup with a whimper, leaving a power-cruiser-sized hole in the lineup among all the new Softails. But wait no more, there’s a new Pro Street-inspired choice in the lineup for 2019.

2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114
The 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 has a claimed torque output of 119 pound-feet.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

Say hello to the FXDR 114. The looks are inspired by the dragstrip and has an engine to back up the looks. The 114ci motor has a claimed 119 pound-feet of torque at 3,500 rpm. Harley claims there has been diligence paid to the curb weight as well, with a sprinkling of composite and aluminum componentry. Fat-tire devotees rejoice, the FXDR 114 is here.

The addition of tech, power, and customization put the Harley-Davidson heavyweight lineup back in the conversation of buyers looking for the most modern connectivity and electronic suites. The addition of traction control and an IMU are also intelligent changes for a glaring hole in Harley’s heavyweight lineup.

Although many Harley faithful are wondering if the MoCo is still catering to their needs, these announcements go to show Harley is not looking to forget, or cede, its space in the Touring category.