2021 Harley-Davidson Bronx Breaks Cover

New water-cooled streetfighter on sale next year.

Harley-Davidson Bronx
Harley-Davidson’s 2021 Bronx streetfighter is powered by the company's new Revolution Max engine and will be available late 2020.Harley-Davidson

It was more than a year ago that Harley-Davidson revealed the first images and tentative information about its upcoming range of 975cc and 1,250cc liquid-cooled models. Now the first of them have been officially unveiled in Milan and the previously unnamed streetfighter version has been christened Bronx.

Appearing alongside the Pan America adventure bike, the Bronx will be the first machine to get the smaller 975cc version of the new Revolution Max engine—a liquid-cooled, DOHC 60-degree V-twin that's a far cry from Harley's usual pushrod fare. Even the smaller 975cc motor that will appear first in the Bronx is targeting a peak power of more than 115 hp and in excess of 70 pound-feet of torque. The bigger 1,250cc version, which will come first to the Pan America but is also eventually destined for the firm's Streetfighter model, is aiming at more than 145 hp and over 90 pound-feet. The Revolution Max name is a nod to Harley-Davidson's from the discontinued V-Rod, which used a liquid-cooled, 1,131cc, 60-degree V-twin introduced in 2001 and was later followed by the Revolution X that powered the Street 750 and 500.

975cc Revolution Max engine
Harley-Davidson is targeting more 115-hp from the 975cc version of the Revolution Max engine.Harley-Davidson

Using a 60-degree V-angle that's smack between the traditional 45-degree Harley layout and the 90-degree design from the likes of Ducati, the Revolution Max strikes a balance between compact size and enough room in the vee for high-flow intakes. In addition to the previous Revolution engines with this vee angle, Harley-Davidson's own 1994 VR1000 superbike homologation special used a 60-degree V-twin, a solution later adopted by Aprilia's classic RSV Mille V-twin, which was a huge success. An internal counterbalancer quells vibration inherent to the 60-degree angle, and the engine works as a stressed member to allow a light, minimal frame to be used.

Harley-Davidson’s Bronx
Release of limited details leave much to speculation regarding Harley-Davidson’s Bronx, but a late-2020 on-sale date means we won’t have much longer to wait until more info is available.Harley-Davidson

Although detailed specifications for the Bronx won't appear until closer to its late-2020 on-sale date, Harley-Davidson has confirmed it has collaborated with Brembo on developing a new radial Monoblock caliper design for its Revolution Max-powered machines and that it's also working with Michelin to create specific tires that will carry both the Michelin and Harley brand names.

By 2022, Harley-Davidson plans to have as many as nine streetfighter/standard models on its new middleweight platform, as well as two adventure-tourers and five custom bikes.

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