First Look At Indian’s 2020 Scout 100th Anniversary Edition

Limited-edition model celebrates a century since its introduction.

Indian’s 2020 model year Scout lineup is highlighted by the introduction of the Scout 100th Anniversary edition.Indian Motorcycle

One hundred years is a big-time milestone for any vehicle, so trotting out a special-edition model to celebrate said event is pretty much a given for any manufacturer lucky enough to still be around for the party. All of which is a really long way of saying that Indian Motorcycle has decided to honor its Scout model's big birthday with a premium, collectible, 100th anniversary edition model. It's a purely cosmetic exercise, but still a striking tribute to the iconic side-valve V-twin Indian Scout, which was first produced in 1919 as a 1920 model.

The special anniversary edition Scout is limited to a production run of just 750 models worldwide.Indian Motorcycle

The big birthday variant isn’t shy about referencing the original Scout, sporting a floating saddle, chrome headlight can, rear rack, and wire wheels, all as nods to the 1920 model. By contrast, the modern standard Scout wears cast wheels and a painted headlamp as well as a solid-mount seat. Underneath it all though, you’ll still find the standard-issue Scout’s 1,133cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine in stock form, designated with a 100th anniversary badge auspiciously wedged between the cylinders to match the Indian Motorcycle Red with Anniversary Gold trim paint scheme. The wheel rims are painted black to contrast with the chrome spokes, with other finishing touches like a tan leather solo seat and chrome accents to cap the heritage-inspired throwback styling.

As you’d expect, 100th anniversary badging occupies a prominent slot between the jugs on this commemorative Scout.Indian Motorcycle
The leather floating saddle (somewhat) references the 1920 model, and if you ask us, it looks much better than last year’s stocker.Indian Motorcycle
Pinstripes, a rear luggage rack, and upgraded brake components add style and function to the 2020 Scout 100th Anniversary model.Indian Motorcycle

Indian says all the new 2020 Scouts receive key improvements to braking performance as well, which means floating rotors, new calipers, and master cylinders to better rein in those claimed 100 horses. You’ll also have the option to fit a Stage 1 shorty slip-on muffler kit or an all-new 2-into-1 full exhaust system should you want to uncork even more performance, and an all-new quick-release fairing with a 2-inch windshield is now available for all model years of the Scout, with the option to change to either a 5-inch or 7-inch windshield. That’s if you can snag one of these limited-edition bikes; Indian says there will only be 750 units of the 2020 commemorative model produced globally. Pricing for the 2020 Scout 100th Anniversary machine is $15,999.