Endurocross Starts This Weekend!

"Supercross with obstacles" is a great way to get your dirt racing fix

EndurocrossCourtesy of Endurocross

Endurocross is the wildest racing you'll ever see. The series mixes some of the speed and jumps of motocross with enduro obstacles and packs it all into an arena so you can see all the action.

Whereas most motocross and Supercross races really only have different types of dirt, jumps, and ruts to worry about, Endurocross competitors have to face rock gardens, firewood pits, water, logs, and tires on top of beating other racers. While the tracks are not as big or as fast as those used for Supercross or motocross, the riders are equally as talented.

Check out Husqvarna rider Colton Haaker who, in this training video, shows the massive breadth of talent that a rider has to have to win come race day:

This weekend kicks off the beginning of Endurocross season, with the first round taking place Saturday, August 19, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The season lasts through November, traveling all around the West Coast in a seven-stop schedule.

Best yet, Endurocross is free to watch, with the entire event streaming live online. Check out the Endurocross site for an outline of the day's events, and come back to this page to view the racing live!