Election Day: Vote Now On Your Favorite Motorcycles From EICMA

We know you've probably already done some voting today, so let's keep it rolling

You might have heard, but today is election day! Yes, there's that whole Presidential thing happening that I keep reading about on the Twitter but, there was also a little motorcycle show called EICMA where a bunch of new bikes were unveiled.

Later this week, once Bradley and I have slept a bit and come down from all this caffeine, we'll be diving into some trends we saw and discussing some of our favorites. Until then, we want to hear some of what you guys thought about the bikes, specifically about which are your favorites from some of the categories where multiple bikes were unveiled.

So, it's time to vote. We won't even make you go to any polling place or post a photo wearing a sticker about voting on Instagram, just browse below and let your fingers do the clicking.

Or, if we missed anything, add it in the comments below. All the gold stars for the photoshopped versions of the bikes listed as supermotos, because those will always get my vote.

Poll One

Poll Two

Poll Three

Poll Four

Poll Five