Ducati to Remain Within Audi Group

Volkswagen Group not dumping motorcycle brand

Ducati Museum motorcycle display
Ducati Museum.Courtesy of Ducati

As we expected, a final word about the future of Ducati Motor within the Audi Group came yesterday. At the conclusion of the meeting of the members of the board, Mathis Muller, CEO of the whole Volkswagen Group, announced his new "Together Strategy 2025" plan aimed at steering the group out of the low waters of the "Dieselgate" affair.

In Muller’s plan, he never mentioned the possibility that the group might put Ducati Motor on the market to bring in more money to strengthen the financial reserves intended to cover the very massive combined costs related to the settlement of the technical and legal problems the group is facing.

Additionally, when asked for a final word, Rupert Stadler, CEO of Audi (and thus directly involved in the management of the Ducati Motor branch), definitely denied any plan to put the Bolognese firm on the market. This should close all speculation, and probably also send positive signals to all the Ducati workers that their jobs are secure. To round things up, the Volkswagen/Audi management confirmed that in the case the financial need should materialize, they would rather put MAN heavy trucks and diesel engines specialists on the market than Ducati.