When Indian re-emerged in 2013, there was a litany of questions that followed. Where would the company fit in the marketplace? How would this time be different? Who would buy the bikes? And it turns out, five years on, those questions have been answered.

Indian has carved out a sizable chunk of the heavyweight touring space, made inroads with new riders thanks to the Scout lineup, and has gone on to win two straight AFT championships. Indian is here to stay, to say the least. For 2019, Indian has made iterative improvements to its entire lineup based on rider feedback and revised the bikes’ technological offerings as well.

As Indian Motorcycle President Steve Menneto puts it, “These enhancements for 2019 showcase our commitment to listening to riders and continuously improving their experience with our products.”

Here are the highlights, and we will report back with an in-depth review as soon as we can ride the bikes.

More Technology For Heavyweight Indian Models

Riders can now choose between three selectable Ride Modes on the fly—Tour, Standard, or Sport. Each mode has an individual e-throttle map for, in Indian’s verbiage, “Three distinct personalities.” Tour is is softer and more at home on the open highway. Sport is the crispest and features a sharper throttle response. And Standard walks the line between the two.

2019 Indian Heavyweights
Three ride modes are available on 2019 Indian Heavyweight models.Courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

2019 is the year of the big stereo. Like other touring contenders for the new model year, Indian has equipped its models with revised sound system as well. The tweeters have been separated from the midrange speakers for claimed clarity improvements. A dynamic equalizer has also been added and is fully customizable. This feature automatically adjusts volume at different vehicle speeds to keep sound quality consistent.

Technical Improvements

On top of the electronic improvements, Indian added a few technical tweaks to decrease the heat of the ride for their heavyweight bikes. All Thunder Stroke 111 models are now equipped with Rear Cylinder Deactivation meant to lower engine heat at low speeds or in traffic. When the engine reaches operating temperature and the ambient temperature exceeds 59° Fahrenheit, the rear cylinder will automatically deactivate when the bike is at a standstill.

Lower fairings
The lower fairings can now be adjusted from fully open to fully closed.Courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

The lower fairings on the 2019 Roadmaster have been redesigned improve airflow to the rider as well. The redesigned airflow vent may be adjusted from completely open for maximum airflow to fully closed for total weather protection. These new lowers can also be retrofitted to previous heavyweight models.

The Scout family also receives a few technical updates. All non-black Scout Sixty, Scout, and Scout Bobber models get ABS standard. The Scout and Scout bobber also receive a USB charging port as standard. This accessory can also be retrofitted to any previous Scout model.

More Colors, Finer Finishes

Rounding out the changes for 2019 are color and finishing changes. For 2019, Chief Dark Horse and Springfield Dark Horse receive several styling updates, namely gloss black finishes on the engine including the primary, valve and cam covers, pushrod tubes, and on the exhaust and saddlebag hinges.

The Springfield Dark Horse is now offered in two colors: Thunder Black Smoke and White Smoke.

Springfield Dark Horse
2019 Indian Springfield Dark HorseCourtesy of Indian Motorcycle
2019 Indian RoadmasterCourtesy of Indian Motorcycle

Indian’s Scout family also has a raft of new color options. The Scout Sixty is available in Thunder Black, White Smoke, Ruby Metallic, and Star Silver over Thunder Black. The Indian Scout is offered in Thunder Black, Deep Water Metallic, Metallic Jade, Indian Motorcycle Red over Thunder Black, and Willow Green over Ivory Cream. Finally, the Scout Bobber is now offered in Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke, and Bronze Smoke.

2019 Indian ScoutCourtesy of Indian Motorcycle
Dark Horse
2019 Indian Springfield Dark HorseCourtesy of Indian Motorcycle
Chief Dark Horse
2019 Indian Chief Dark HorseCourtesy of Indian Motorcycle
Indian Springfield
2019 Indian SpringfieldCourtesy of Indian Motorcycle

Welcome changes all around, giving customers a little bit more color, a little bit more tech, and a little bit more comfort. Nothing groundbreaking, but with the FTR1200 coming down the pipe, no one can say that Indian isn’t staying on the gas with its models.