BST Hypertek Electric First Look

Terblanche and Turner’s wild electric motorcycle.

BST Hypertek
The ultra-wild BST Hypertek electric is the result of a Pierre Terblanche and Gary Turner collaboration.BST Hypertek

Well-respected designer Pierre Terblanche has gone back to his homeland, South Africa, and there has joined forces with Gary Turner, CEO of Blackstone TEK. Pierre is more than a designer; he is a visionary, a man who produced innovative (if not also controversial at times) concepts in motorcycling. Gary also is a great innovator: the first to conceive and produce reliable carbon fiber wheels for motorcycles that proved so good that were homologated for racing by FIM.

The two teamed up to give life to a rather extreme project, first in styling and then in the general layout of the bike—an electric-powered bike that diverts from all we have seen not only in the field of electrics, but in the whole motorcycling domain.

The Hypertek is powered by an 80kW motor fed by a pack of batteries that are supposed to ensure a range of 186 miles (300 kilometers) between charges. The styling seems to come from the movie Prometheus—very essential and stripped down, with all the mechanical components fully exposed in each of their own very unique designs.

BST Hypertek stripped down
Stripped down yet highly styled, the BST Hypertek lives up to its name.BST Hypertek

As you would expect, carbon fiber is everywhere, from the structure of the wheels (obviously) to the lithe monocoque frame to the front suspension. Unusual for an electric-powered bike is the inclusion of a clutch in the transmission. Great design competence is shown in the adoption of two freewheeling sprockets located on the single-sided rear swingarm next to the swingarm pivot to spread the belt drive so that both the upper and lower half run parallel to the swingarm centerline in order to cancel any pulling-up effect that “freezes” the rear suspension under hard acceleration.

Hypertek belt drive

Hypertek belt drive

The Hypertek’s belt drive puts power to the rear wheel without any effect on the rear suspension action.BST Hypertek

Pierre and Gary selected to adopt a water-cooled motor while no mention is made about the thermal control of the batteries, which is an even more critical aspect on any battery-powered electric vehicle. Equally, no mention is made about the kind of software used to control the energy level of the batteries.

BST Hypertek
Terblanche and Turner paid great attention to construction and design of every component on the BST Hypertek, creating an electric motorcycle unlike any other.BST Hypertek

On the contrary, great attention has been devoted to the mechanical construction of every single component, like the disc brakes rotors, that are in aluminum-ceramic infused and ventilated. The running weight is announced in 450 pounds, though it looks much lighter due to the design.