Women of MotoAmerica: Anne Roberts, N2 Track Days Yamaha

Fourth in a series profiling women who are racing in the MotoAmerica championship.

Anne Roberts race action
From commercial landscape design to the MotoAmerica starting grid, Anne Roberts is a busy woman. Her best finish this season is an eighth in Superstock 600 at New Jersey Motorsports Park.Brian J. Nelson

When Anne Roberts told her family she was going to race motorcycles full-time, they weren’t sure what to think. At least, that’s what the 27-year old privateer from Madison, Georgia, says. Spend some time talking shop with this entrepreneur/MotoAmerica Superstock 600 contender, though, and you get the sense her family knew exactly what to think: Roberts will make it work.

Now in her second year of professional competition, Roberts tackles the demands of racing, repairs, revenue, and expenses like a boss, because she is one. When she’s not on the starting grid—and sometimes even when she is—Roberts is busy running her own commercial landscape business.

“It’s tough sometimes,” Roberts admitted. “I’ve been lined up out there, ready to go, and an employee calls to tell me the company truck has just been wrecked or there’s some problem that needs my immediate attention, and here I am trying to focus on a race that’s about to start. It really messes with your head.”


Handling tough situations must be her forte, judging by an impressive eighth-place finish in the wicked-wet second race last month at New Jersey Motorsports Park, round three of the MotoAmerica series.

Roberts, who likes racing in the rain because it accentuates the feedback she gets from her motorcycle, has to roll with the punches of being in sole control of her race efforts, too. Mechanical problems put a pox on early rounds, and long hauls to races pile on to already-long work weeks, but she’s grateful for the wisdom gained from all that accountability.

“My ultimate goal is to go to the track with a clear head,” Roberts said.

Now with a trusted manager to keep an eye on the business while she has her eyes on corner markers and suspension settings, Roberts is ready to get down to the business of racing.