All The Videos You Need To Watch Before Supercross Starts This Weekend

A roundup of everything you need to see before the gates drop

2017 Supercross ScheduleCourtesy of Monster Energy Supercross

I love road racing, but Supercross will always be my first love. While MotoGP and WSBK have improved tons in recent years, they will never be as easy to watch or follow as Supercross, and the races are often not nearly as exciting. Supercross is the best place to see a guy will himself to victory or amass an incredible comeback.

This Saturday kicks off the season in Anaheim, California, in what is one of the most important races of the year. As you'll hear Honda HRC Team Manager Dan Betley say, you can't win the season in the first race, but you can absolutely lose it.

This year has seen plenty of changes. My favorite rider, Bubba Stewart, looks to be finally hanging it up (the official word is that he has yet to announce his plans). Ken Roczen, arguably the most talented rider in the field, switched to HRC Honda after a second place finish last year. Ryan Dungey, who won the last two championships, is back but he suffered a cracked vertebrae in a crash during outdoors this year and is getting older, which has even sparked rumors of his retirement after this year. And then there's the addition of Cooper Webb, who won the 250cc West class in convincing fashion and is stepping up to the Yamaha factory 450 team.

There are also new rule changes, with the main being a move to a timed format instead of racing for a specific number of laps. The idea behind it is that all the tracks are different lengths and therefor the viewing experience length varies. So, with this new move, 250cc races will last for 15 minutes plus one lap, while 450cc races will run for 20 minutes plus one lap.

Here are all the videos you need to watch to fully prepare for the season, placed in order here for those who are newer viewers to you true die hards (with a GoPro video on Bubba at the bottom).