Cycle World's Editor-in-Chief Mark Hoyer is the special guest for 5 Best Bikes this week. Around this time each year he gets a tingling in his bones that tells him it's time to make sure his vintage motorcycles are in tip-top shape and roadworthy for a ride north for the Quail Motorcycle Gathering.

This year Hoyer will be hosting an exclusive evening with Cycle World Editor-at-Large Peter Egan after the gathering, to celebrate the release of Egan's new book The Best of Peter Egan—Four Decades of Motorcycle Tales and Musings from the Pages of Cycle World.

In preparation for all things Quail, Hoyer joins 5 Best Bikes to suss out a list of motorcycles that would be best for riding to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering. Before the business of arguing the list, Hoyer gives us a quick rundown of his vintage stable.

After slightly going over the 10-minute time limit (Hoyer is thorough in his assessments), the list of the 5 Best Bikes to ride to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering was set:

Kawasaki W650
2000 Kawasaki W650:Fran Kuhn

The 2000 W650 was more British and retro than the Triumph Bonneville of that time.

Commando 800
Norton Commando 800:Jeff Allen

The boss rides one—often and a long way. Can't argue with that.

CB1100 EX
2017 Honda CB1100 EX:Courtesy of Honda

The 2017 Honda CB1100 EX looks the part of an '70s UJM with all the reliability and comfort of a modern motorcycle.

Suzuki Katana
2020 Suzuki Katana:Suzuki

As we described the 2020 Katana in our first look: It's a throwback done right. The combination of one of the all-time killer engines, a GSX-R1000 K5, and a modern interpretation of Hans Muth's iconic design makes for a stunner that would draw a crowd—even at the Quail.

Velocette 500
Velocette 500:Robert Martin

Once again Mark Hoyer rides one and he has made numerous trips up the coast on his 1954 MSS. Each time the bike has made the return trip without a failure. Sounds like a winner to us.