Motorcycling in the United States has always experienced ebbs and flows in the number of bike owners and yearly sales figures tied to the economy. In recent years, however, the growth of owners and buyers has not paced other industries. Fewer people are learning to ride, and it is critical to to turn this trend. Manufacturers have made this a priority, with new models that are more attractive to new and returning riders. On today's episode of 5 Best Bikes we talk about the best bike to help grow motorcycling.

Bonnier Motorcycle Group's Senior Vice President and Managing Director Andy Leisner joins this episode of 5 Best Bikes. As a member of the board of directors for the Motorcycle Industry Council, Leisner knows much about the challenges—current and future—in growing the numbers for motorcyclists in the United States.

The 10-minute clock as been tossed out the window, giving more time to discuss the choices with more depth and consideration. This means a longer episode as well, but there is so much more detail. After a couple of serious discussions on the merits of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire and Yamaha Wabash electric bicycle, the list was set:

Super Cub
Honda Super CubHonda

Honda has sold more than 100 million step-through motorcycles worldwide, and the original Cub has been a first bike for nearly as many people. The 2019 Honda Super Cub is easy to ride, friendly, and economical, making it a shoo-in on this list.

Royal Enfield INT650Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield's INT650 parallel twin is a bargain at $5,799 and just squeaks out its sibling, the Continental GT, on this list. It's an attractive buy with retro-cool style.

Honda CB300RHonda

Lightweight, big bike styling, and a nimble yet confident chassis makes the CB300R a great motorcycle to nab new riders and keep them hooked.

Stability Cycle
StaCyc Stability CyclesNik Wogen

While not technically motorcycles, StaCyc's electric-powered stability cycles have a twist throttle and rear brake to teach youngsters skills to make the jump to a motorcycle sooner and easier.

CRF Trailbikes
Honda CRF TrailbikesHonda

A family that rides together stays in the sport together, and Honda’s 2019 range of CRF trailbikes is meant to get the entire family out on the trails together.