2020 Yamaha Hyper Naked MT Models First Look

The unchanged MT-07, MT-09, and MT-10 models return as Masters of Torque.

The top-of-the-range MT-10 rejoins the Yamaha Hyper Naked series for 2020, so you can “dominate the darkness.” Yamaha’s words, not ours.Courtesy Yamaha Motor Corp.

If you thought last month’s debut of the new MT-03 was Yamaha’s main event for its 2020 street lineup in the US market, you were sorta right. Expanding on that entry-level Hyper Naked motorcycle, Yamaha has introduced the rest of its MT (Master of Torque) lineup for 2020, which includes the lightweight, torquey twin-cylinder MT-07, the nimble triple-cylinder MT-09, and the powerful four-cylinder MT-10, all representing “the Dark Side of Japan,” according to Yamaha. So it’s business as usual for this series.

Peppy response and easy, neutral handling define the twin-cylinder MT-07, which returns to Yamaha’s Master of Torque (MT) lineup for 2020.Courtesy Yamaha Motor Corp.

2020 MT-07 Overview

The user-friendly, acclaimed, and popular MT-07 has been a hit with riders of all skill levels since its previous life as the FZ-07. With its torquey 689cc twin-cylinder engine, narrow frame design, and light, easy handling, it's not surprising Yamaha brought this lightweight machine back for 2020. The 2020 model remains essentially unchanged, and is still a great value too, thanks to the unchanged MSRP of $7,599. When it arrives at dealers later this month, it'll be available in Ice Fluo, Team Yamaha Blue, and Matte Raven Black color schemes.

The MT-09 is the original class-defining Hyper Naked for Yamaha, and it returns this year unchanged, inline-triple engine and all. Here it’s shown in Ice Fluo.Courtesy Yamaha Motor Corp.

2020 MT-09 Overview

One of the other "best values in motorcycling" also happens to be in this lineup, which is a good enough reason for the MT-09. As Yamaha's original Hyper Naked bike, it's still powered by a potent 847cc inline triple-cylinder engine, supported in a sporty chassis with adjustable suspension, electronic rider aids, and rider-friendly ergonomics. Changes? None needed, really; the 2020 MT-09 can be found this November in Ice Fluo, Team Yamaha Blue, and Matte Raven Black color schemes for a budget-friendly MSRP of $8,999—the same price as last year.

The pinnacle of the Master of Torque line, the MT-10 brings some of the same technology seen in Yamaha’s gnarly R-1, with a 998cc inline-four, fully adjustable suspension, aluminum frame, ride by wire, and a full suite of electronic aids.Courtesy Yamaha Motor Corp.

2020 MT-10 Overview

Powered by a potent 998cc inline four-cylinder engine imbued with much of the same Crossplane Crankshaft technology developed in Yamaha’s fearsome YZF-R1 superbike, the MT-10 brings plenty of top-shelf components to the table. You get sophisticated electronic control technology, a lightweight and responsive chassis, suspension with plenty of adjustability options, comfy ergonomics, and aggressive styling befitting of a range leader. The 2020 MT-10 will be available at dealers starting in November, for an MSRP of $12,999. Color choices include Ice Fluo and Matte Raven Black.