2020 Honda Gold Wing First Look

Revised suspension and “comfort and convenience” are the focus this year.

2020 Honda Gold Wing
Honda’s Gold Wing returns in five versions for 2020. The flagship tourer gets revised suspension settings, adds creature comforts, and offers new colors this year. This is the top-of-the-line Gold Wing Tour DCT Airbag in Darkness Black Metallic/Gray.American Honda

Honda has just announced its big flagship tourer will be back for 2020, but it looks like the Gold Wing's return to the lineup will be relatively subdued for the new model year. Since the Wing was redesigned from stem to stern back in 2018—receiving a double wishbone front end and optional seven-speed dual clutch transmission, among other big-ticket upgrades—it seems Honda was content with just juggling suspension settings, adding new color options, and slotting in what it calls "comfort and convenience" features on several of its five Wing models for 2020.

We’ll see the Gold Wing, Gold Wing DCT, Gold Wing Tour, Gold Wing Tour DCT, and the top-of-the-line Gold Wing Tour DCT Airbag in the series for this model year.

Candy Ardent Red/Black colorway
The 2020 Gold Wings receive updated front and rear suspension settings for 2020, but no other info was forthcoming. We can tell you this Gold Wing Tour looks damn sharp in the Candy Ardent Red/Black colorway though.American Honda

Naturally all the Wing trims carry the signature horizontally opposed, 1,833cc, six-cylinder engine that’s more than 13 pounds lighter than the previous generation, but the top-line news for 2020 Gold Wings is a change to the front and rear suspension settings, though Honda has not clarified or given specifics. Our sources tell us the new settings address ride comfort with a passenger aboard, but we can’t confirm that.

Gold Wing Tour fog lights
All Gold Wing Tour models now offer fog lights as standard equipment for 2020. The two manual-transmission Gold Wing models in the lineup still have a slipper clutch as well.American Honda

To avoid true carryover model status, the new Gold Wings further distinguish themselves by adding and redesigning several safety and convenience items for 2020, like improved lighting, better ergonomics for passengers, updates on the nav system, and additional onboard charging capability. Lastly, there are several dark and brooding color schemes available if you’re looking to add some more attitude to this normally conservative machine.

Here's the official breakdown of comfort and convenience additions:

additional USB charger in the saddlebag
Honda has added an additional USB charger in the saddlebag for all 2020 models, so you get two charging points for electronic devices.American Honda
  • 2020 Gold Wing Tour models now have fog lights as standard equipment for improved visibility in variable conditions.
  • 2020 Gold Wing Tour models also receive reshaped rear-seat grab handles so passengers of "all body types" can experience improved ergonomics.
  • Honda says it has made minor software updates to improve the navigation system, but we don't know the particulars. We assume it includes updating maps.
  • All 2020 models will have a USB charger located in the saddlebag in addition to the dash-mounted unit found on the Gold Wings. It was previously standard only on the Airbag model.
  • Here's a big one—Honda says the button on the center storage pocket has been revised to offer improved action.
  • 2020 Wing Tour or Tour DCT models in the Pearl Glare White color get a blacked-out engine, frame, and wheels.
  • The 2020 Gold Wing standard and Gold Wing DCT are available in a Black Metallic colorway with anodized surfaces.
  • The top-line 2020 Gold Wing Tour DCT Airbag comes only in Darkness Black Metallic/Gray.
  • All bikes will be available in January of 2020.
reshaped grab handles
These reshaped grab handles appear on the latest Tour, Tour DCT, and Tour DCT Airbag models for passengers’ “added comfort” and improved ergonomics.American Honda
Matte Black Metallic colorway
The base Gold Wing and Gold Wing DCT are available in the Matte Black Metallic colorway, though price remains unchanged at $23,800.American Honda
Pearl Glare White Tour
Get a little more attitude on the Pearl Glare White Tour and Tour DCT models, which now come with blacked-out engine, frame, and wheels.American Honda

Prices and colors for the 2020 Gold Wing models:

Gold Wing
Color: Matte Black Metallic, $23,800

Gold Wing DCT
Color: Matte Black Metallic, $25,000

Gold Wing Tour
Colors: Pearl Glare White, $27,500; Candy Ardent Red/Black, $28,000

Gold Wing Tour DCT
Colors: Pearl Glare White, $28,500; Candy Ardent Red/Black, $29,000

Gold Wing Tour DCT Air Bag
Color: Darkness Black Metallic/Gray, $32,300