Say you're a complex customer. You enjoy the simpler things in life, but you're not a Luddite. You understand that technology has its place, and that progress should not be stalled but embraced. Well, Ural has a motorcycle for you.

The Ural Air LE is the latest special edition from Ural Motorcycles, with a twist. This is the first motorcycle with a drone inside.

2019 Ural Air LE
A special-edition paint scheme hints of the flying surprise inside the sidecar hatch of the 2019 Ural Air LE.Ural

Why would a Russian motorcycle company focused on preserving the simplicity of off-road motorcycles do this? Madina Merzhoeva, VP of Marketing and Sales explains: “The inspiration behind this LE was to open Ural riders to new experiences, and see their adventures from a different perspective. It also reflects our fascination with blending Ural’s classic design with cutting-edge technologies.”

And that is how the DJI Spark drone found its way into a Ural.

Ural Air LE’s drone
With the use of 3-D printing the area in which the Ural Air LE’s drone resides was created in just six weeks.Ural

It's not simply placed in the sidecar either. A specially designed compartment houses a DJI Spark drone, and opens at the push of a button. The drone compartment is made by manufacturing partner StrataSys, and is a technical showcase of the company's direct digital manufacturing solutions. A solution that took only six weeks to create with its 3-D-based engineering approach.

For piloting the drone, a specially configured RAM mount is in the sidecar and holds the drone’s controller in place.

RAM mount
A special RAM mount is attached to the sidecar to hold the DJI Spark drone’s controller.Ural

Rounding out the Air LE touches are Slate Gray paint with “Air LE” decals, and a wind sock mounted on…a selfie stick.

Think Of The Activities

Ural outlines some very “practical” reasons for using the drone, like scouting the trail ahead, but the opportunities for shenanigans are endless with an aired companion on your adventure rig.

Ural Air LE
Practical reason for a drone on a sidecar include scouting the trail ahead, but we expect that video production and selfies will be high on a Ural Air LE owner’s to-do list.Ural

The Air LE is a unique combination of a motorcycle company having fun with an interesting concept, innovating and showcasing new manufacturing techniques, and embracing emerging technology.

Only 40 units are being made, and they’re available for pre-order now for $17,999. Overlanders get your wallets out, this is the motorcycle for you.