During its traditional open house weekend held at the historical Mandello del Lario factory, Moto Guzzi unveiled a new member of the V9 model family, the V9 Bobber Sport. Compared to the V7, the V9 gathered less popular approval, despite of its superior performance. The standard V9 Bobber, featuring fat 16-inch tires front and rear, is offered as a more fashionable alternative to the more classic V9 Roamer.

The 2019 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Sport builds on the standard V9 Bobber.Courtesy of Motto Guzzi

The addition of the attribute “Sport” represents a smart mix between Moto Guzzi’s sporty tradition and the extrovert spirit of the Bobber style. Compared to the standard version, the V9 Bobber Sport features a seat lowered from 31 to 29.7 inches and a drag bar mounted on lower raisers in order to induce a lower, sportier riding posture and, in the process, making the bike nimbler with a more agile and sure-footed steering response.

The V9 Bobber Sport sports daring graphics with all the chassis and powertrain mechanical components rigorously painted in black, and then topped by tank, side covers, and shortened front fender in a strong tone of matte metallic orange.

New Öhlins shocks and megaphone exhaust combine with black touches on the engine and metallic orange paint to create the V9 Bobber Sport.Courtesy of Motto Guzzi

The V9 Bobber Sport shares all mechanical components with the base model, with the only exception being the special megaphone-style slip-on mufflers and high-spec gas-charged Öhlins shocks, adding a serious touch of performance-oriented high tech. The Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber is powered by the latest evolution of the Moto Guzzi air-cooled 90-degree V-twin punched up to a displacement of 850cc. It is also equipped with a new hemispherical combustion chamber that replaces the original bowl-in-the-piston and flat, Heron-type combustion chamber.

The 2019 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Sport will have an MSRP of $10,690 when it arrives at dealers this December.Courtesy of Motto Guzzi

The engine change was prompted by the latest Euro 4 emission standards, but in the process, the engine delivers a more substantial 55 hp (claimed) at a moderate 6,250 rpm with solid torque curve throughout a wide range of revs, a very appropriate engine for a light roadster in the best Moto Guzzi touring bike tradition.