2019 Indian Scout Bobber

A midsized solo cruiser with style and power

2019 Indian Scout Bobber
2019 Indian Scout BobberIndian Motorcycles

The Indian Scout Bobber is the cut-down, solo-only brother of the successful Scout. With attractive but subdued paint schemes, a flatter handlebar bend, and a third less rear suspension travel, it is more of an urban brawler than a midsized highway cruiser. The blacked-out chassis is a mix of cast aluminum and tubular steel, using the engine—a 69ci liquid-cooled V-twin pumping out a Cycle World dyno-verified 82 hp at the rear wheel—as a load-bearing component to reduce weight and add stiffness. Given the Bobber's overall size and weight, engine performance is excellent, with peak torque coming at 3,300 rpm, which is right where you need it for quick getaways amid heavy urban traffic.

The Bobber is smaller than most traditional full-sized cruisers so the standard ergonomics are best suited to riders under 6 feet tall, but long-legged types who love the look and feel of this machine can easily customize it to fit their personal preferences using Indian’s extensive range of accessory handlebars, seats, and foot controls. Various luggage options, including a gas-tank pouch, saddlebags, and a solo rack bag, are also available.

Likes: Strong, smooth engine; sweet-handling chassis

Dislikes: Fatiguing ergonomics and shallow lean angles

Verdict: A bike for newer riders to grow into and experienced riders to customize

2019 Indian Scout Bobber Reviews And Comparisons

The Indian Scout Bobber stands out among its competition in part because of its strong V-twin engine and more affordable price point. It’s also reasonably comfortable. “The Indian’s seat has much more padding," Morgan Gales wrote, "and I was able to ride a bit longer on the Scout before getting saddle sore.”

2019 Indian Scout Bobber Competition

The Indian Scout Bobber is often compared with various Harley-Davidson Sportsters and Triumph Bonnevilles. With its mock-hardtail lines, the Bonneville Bobber Black really looks the part, but you arguably get more bike for your buck—and a greater number of aftermarket parts and accessories to boot—with the Indian Scout Bobber.

2019 Indian Scout Bobber Specifications And Pricing

The 2019 Indian Scout Bobber is available with antilock brakes in four color options—Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke, or Bronze Smoke—or for $800 less without ABS in Thunder Black. Round bar-end-mounted rearview mirrors—position them either above or below the grips—are standard equipment.

Manufacturer Claimed Specifications

Price $11,999
Engine Liquid-cooled, DOHC V-twin
Displacement 1,133cc
Bore x Stroke 99.0mm x 73.6mm
Horsepower 100.0 hp @ N/A rpm
Torque 72.0 lb.-ft. @ N/A rpm
Transmission 6-speed
Final Drive Belt
Seat Height 25.6 in.
Rake 29º
Trail 4.7 in.
Front Suspension 41mm; 4.7-in. travel
Rear Suspension Preload adjustable; 2.0-in. travel
Front Tire 130/90-16
Rear Tire 150/80-16
Fuel Capacity 61.5 in.
Wheelbase 3.3 gal.
Claimed Dry Weight 537 lb.

Cycle World Tested Specifications

Seat Height 28.0 in.
Wet Weight 653 lb.
Rear-Wheel Horsepower 81.9 hp @ 7,900 rpm
Rear-Wheel Torque 62.8 lb.-ft. @ 3,300 rpm
0–60 mph N/A
1/4-mile N/A
Braking 30–0 mph N/A
Braking 60–0 mph N/A