2019 Honda Fury

Honda’s factory chopper rolls on.

2019 Honda FuryHonda

Honda’s tagline for the nearly decade-old Fury chopper is “go big or go home.” Designed during the height of chopper mania before the 2008 economic meltdown, the Fury is certainly the cleanest factory custom from any Japanese manufacturer. Although it’s not actually all that big—its SOHC engine displaces 1,312cc, hardly a record for cruiser muscle mass—it can boast three valves and two spark plugs per cylinder (for a balance of low emissions, fuel economy, and power). The 52-degree V-twin drives through a five-speed gearbox and shaft final drive, which sanitizes the bike’s appearance.

As one might expect from this sort of Easy Rider wannabe, the wheelbase is ultra-long (71.2 inches, nearly 1-1/2 feet more than a typical sportbike), and the 32-degree steering-head angle makes for a stable but slow-turning machine. Fortunately, the seat height is a scant 26.9 inches off the sundeck, helping riders manage the (actually fairly modest) claimed 663-pound curb weight. The highly stylized lines and decisive Pearl Hawkseye Blue finish are simply eye-popping, making the Fury a standout in almost any crowd.

Likes: Dual balancers smooth out the narrow-angle V-twin's jitterbugging

Dislikes: Do you really need attention this much?

Verdict: A future Honda collectible you can buy today

2019 Honda Fury Specs and Pricing

MSRP $10,549