2018 Yamaha WR250F

Trail ride or race.

2018 Yamaha WR250FCRS

At its core, the WR250F is a motocross bike. But its mission is enduro. To suit, Yamaha swept through its aluminum-framed MXer to calm it down and widen its capabilities enough to handle the wide-ranging conditions that enduro riding brings rather than just the berms, whoops, and doubles of motocross. The fuel-injected. 250cc, titanium-valve single is newly modified for 2018 to deliver more tractable and durable power, while inside the cases is a wide-ratio six-speed gearbox in lieu of the YZ’s close-ratio five-speed unit. When your dream day includes finessing over slippery tree roots and flying down jeep tracks, this is the gearing you want.

For 2018, the WR250F receives a near copy of the YZ250F’s aluminum twin-spar frame. The high-spec KYB suspension is appropriately modified for enduro riding, and Dunlop MX3S knobbies—an 18-incher in back, compared to the YZ’s 19-inch rear tire—replace the motocrosser’s Bridgestone rubber. Other additions in the WR250F’s metamorphosis include electric starting, front and rear lighting, a skid plate and sidestand, a more durable O-ring chain, and a multifunction enduro computer. Race ya!

Likes: Push-button starting, wide-ratio gearbox, relatively quiet engine

Dislikes: Heavy for a 250cc racebike at 258 pounds wet (27 pounds more than the YZ250F)

Verdict: Yamaha's big-bandwidth 250cc enduro

2018 Yamaha WR250F Specs and Pricing

MSRP $8,099