2018 Yamaha Vino Classic

One cool little tool.

2018 Yamaha Vino ClassicCRS

The Vino Classic melds timeless scooter styling with modern features such as electric starting, fuel injection, and liquid-cooling for its little 49cc four-stroke single. A fully automatic transmission makes riding this little 179-pound bumblebee easy; just twist the throttle and go, and keep right on going. That’s because the Vino returns a claimed 127 mpg, granting you a theoretical range of 155 miles per 1.2-gallon tankful of fuel.

Utility is one of the Vino Classic’s strong suits, thanks to its bodywork and floorboards, which help keep your feet and legs clean while riding, a rear rack for carrying small items, and a big underseat storage area in which to secure your helmet after reaching your destination. Available factory accessories including a top case, a choice of windshields, and even heated handgrips morph this little scoot into a practically year-round transportation device. And while you’re out and about, a standard rear-wheel lock and an ignition switch cover help deter lowlifes.

Likes: Miniature fuel-injected and liquid-cooled engine, incredible fuel economy

Dislikes: Tiny 10-inch wheels and drum brakes are functionally relics

Verdict: For economically "getting around," the Vino Classic is tough to top

2018 Yamaha Vino Classic Specs and Pricing

MSRP $2,299