2018 Yamaha TT-R125LE

The teenager of playbikes.

2018 Yamaha TT-R125LEYamaha

Anyone who has been a teenager knows it’s an awkward time. You’re neither a kid nor an adult, your feet don’t match your body size, and you’re not sure what to be when you grow up. That pretty much describes the perennial TT-R125LE. The sole surviving member of a trailbike trio that once included a small-wheel version, a big-wheel version, and a choice of kick- and electric-start variants, the TT-R125LE is the formula that proved most popular. And so, it carries on today.

Pulling up the fork-mounted carb enricher, opening the fuel petcock, switching on the ignition, and tagging the start button brings the 124cc air-cooled single to a fast idle, and after a brief warm-up you can be underway. The manual transmission has five speeds and the steel frame carries a convention fork and shock, with limited adjustments possible. Seat height is a reasonable 31.7 inches, right in between mini and full-size. And to this point, the TT-R125LE weights just 198 pounds fully fueled, a reasonable mass for learners to manage.

Likes: Super versatile, easy to maintain, fits nearly everyone

Dislikes: Marginal poke, slow steering, no lighting

Verdict: Ubiquitous but useful; a small trailbike with soul

2018 Yamaha TT-R125LE Specs and Pricing

MSRP $3,299