2018 Yamaha TT-R110E

It’s a “semi-mini”.

2018 Yamaha TT-R110EYamaha

Interesting fact: Yamaha’s V Star 250 cruiser has a 27-inch seat height, and the TT-R110E semi-mini trailbike shown here has a 26.4-inch seat height, just 0.6 inch lower than the 249cc V-twin streetbike. Translation? Glad you asked. It means Yamaha’s economical little air-cooled, 110cc trailbike isn’t just for kids, but for adults too (as long as you’re not built like Abe Lincoln).

Operation is exceedingly simple, with electric starting and an automatic clutch for the four-speed gearbox the big draws here. Ignition is courtesy of a magneto, so if the battery ever goes flat you can fire up the TT-R110E using the auxiliary kickstarter and then carry on. Nice. The wheels are pretty small (just 14-inch up front and 12-inch at the rear), and basic drum brakes are fitted at both ends. Of course, the compact wheels contribute to the low seat height, but so does the horizontal cylinder layout, which results in an unusually low engine.

Likes: A four-speed gearbox and good performance for a mini

Dislikes: Needs an optional lighting kit please!

Verdict: A kids' bike that adults can ride

2018 Yamaha TT-R110E Specs and Pricing

MSRP $2,299