For those of you who affectionately refer to Yamaha’s FZ-series of bikes as the “Fuzz Seven.” “Fuzz Nine,” and “Fuzz Ten,” those nicknames won’t apply to the 2018 models of Yamaha’s fun and affordable naked bikes.

Yamaha’s 2018 MT-09 gets a new name, sharper styling, and upgraded suspension.Yamaha

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA has decided to adopt the European naming structure for the family and apply the MT (Master of Torque) prefix to the bikes. “MT” doesn’t roll off the tongue particularly well, but at least the new nomenclature will put an end to comments from our confused European readers.

2018 Yamaha MT-07 headlightYamaha

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EICMA Motorcycle Show 2017

As announced at EICMA today, the MT-09 and MT-10 carry different names for 2018 but are otherwise the same as they were in '17. The MT-07, however, gets a few updates. Yamaha reworked the bodywork, mildly changing the look of the tank, tail, radiator shrouds, front fender, seat, and headlight. The headlight has a slightly pointier look similar to the previous FZ-09's setup, and the seat now extends around the sides of the tank, adding 30 percent more area for riders to move around on. Overall, the makeover gives the MT a more aggressive, sportier look.

2018 Yamaha MT-07 tankYamaha

Supporting that sporty look is an updated fork and shock with revised spring rates (presumably stiffer, but Yamaha doesn’t specify) and damping, plus the addition of adjustable rebound damping at the rear. We’re happy to see the claimed curb weight of 403 remains the same, but as expected, the MT’s price has gone up. At $7,599, the MT-07 is $400 more than the 2017 model. Matte Gray, Team Yamaha Blue, and Intensity White are the available colorways for 2018. The new MT-10 can be seen in dealerships later this month, the MT-09 will begin to arrive in January, and the MT-07 is scheduled to show up in March.

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2018 Yamaha MT-07 in whiteYamaha
2018 Yamaha MT-07 in blueYamaha
2018 Yamaha MT-07 in grayYamaha
Last year’s FZ-07 has slightly softer lines than this year’s bike.Yamaha