2018 Suzuki RM85

Teenager training tool.

2019 Suzuki RM85CRS

Suzuki’s trusty RM85 motocrosser has dutifully served the needs of adolescent racers and track riders for some 17 years now. This is impressive because, with the four-stroke revolution in motocross that began in 1997, many two-stroke designs were either let out to pasture or stopped receiving updates. Fortunately bikes like the RM85 are still right at home in various AMA racing classes.

Lightweight at 161 pounds and boasting an 85cc engine equipped with reed-valve induction and an exhaust power valve to broaden the powerband, the RM85 offers stunning performance for its size. For 2018, the littlest RM gets new bodywork and graphics that mimic the recently revised RM-Z250 and RM-Z450. Motocross is all about chassis setup, and to this end the RM85 features fully adjustable Showa suspension, helping parents tailor the bike not only to the track but as their riders grow in size and skill. Speaking of which, the standard seat height of 33.5 inches slots perfectly in between playbikes and full-size MX racers.

Likes: Among the only adolescent-sized racebikes available.

Dislikes: Although the RM85 is well-equipped, development hasn't kept pace with four-stroke racers.

Verdict: A great option for racy kids who already possess a solid MX skill set.

2018 Suzuki RM85 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $4,149
WET WEIGHT 161 lb.