2018 Suzuki Boulevard S40

Back to basics.

2018 Suzuki Boulevard S40CRS

The machine seen here is actually quite a rare bird—a single-cylinder cruiser. As such, the perennial S40 not only represents the most essential formula for cruisers (one simple cylinder!) but also the most affordable model in Suzuki’s Boulevard lineup. Undeniably, the S40 is a budget buy, with its carbureted air-cooled 652cc engine, minimalist running gear including basic suspension, a smallish front single disc and rear drum brakes, and cost-cutting painted surfaces in lieu of chrome.

That said, the Boulevard S40 counters with some virtuous features too, including electric starting, a four-valve cylinder head to improve output and fuel efficiency, and fuss-free belt final drive. For learners or smaller riders, the S40 likewise rewards with a low claimed 27.6-inch seat height, a reasonable 381-pound curb weight, and a wide pullback handlebar for good leverage. All in all, the S40 is a pretty unique ride just begging to be customized. Our devious minds are already imagining a vintage Matchless G80 CS-style scrambler interpretation.

Likes: Big thumpers are rare nowadays; here's a way to experience one on a budget.

Dislikes: Low-tech suspension and brakes, marginal cornering clearance.

Verdict: A refreshingly different type of cruiser.

2018 Suzuki Boulevard S40 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $5,749
WET WEIGHT 381 lb.