2018 Suzuki Boulevard C90T

Racing-derived technology meets old-school design.

2018 Suzuki Boulevard C90TCRS

The Boulevard C90T is Suzuki’s largest touring rig. Its long-stroke 1,462cc V-twin engine develops peak torque low in the rev range, delivering a relaxed and yet powerful and confident touring experience. Although its big engine and 800-pound curb weight demand skill and respect, features like the Suzuki Clutch Assist System ease operation by reducing lever effort, while the moderate claimed 28.3-inch seat height is manageable, even for shorter riders.

With numerous racing championships dating back more than a half century, Suzuki definitely knows technology. And to this end, the C90T has such niceties as nickel-phosphorus-silicon-carbide-coated aluminum cylinders, which allows tighter piston-to-cylinder tolerances for reduced noise, improved heat transfer, and superb longevity. There’s more under the skin of this Boulevard, including dual spark plugs to improve combustion, an Auto Fast Idle System that simplifies cold starts, and electronic fuel injection with dual throttle valves, whose design was borrowed from the company’s all-conquering GSX-R sportbikes.

Likes: A thoughtful combination of advanced technology and retro style.

Dislikes: Dual front disc brakes and quick-detach side cases to match the quick-detach windshield, please!

Verdict: Big-time muscle masquerading as a minimalist touring rig.

2018 Suzuki Boulevard C90T Specs and Pricing

MSRP $12,899
WET WEIGHT 800 lb.