2018 Yamaha V Star 250

The smallest V-twin.

2018 Star Motorcycles V Star 250Star Motorcycles

Want to make some moolah? Buy a V Star 250 and rent it to owners of big cruisers who want something manageable on which to pass their DMV “driver’s” test. Actually, renting your personal bike isn’t recommended for insurance reasons, but the fact remains: The V Star 250 is really easy for newbies to ride, thanks to its modest claimed 326-pound curb weight, low 27-inch seat, and accompanying low center of mass. These factors, together with a wide handlebar and mellow output from the air-cooled 249cc 60-degree V-twin, make the V Star 250 a pussycat. No wonder folks want to borrow such bikes on their big day.

The V Star 250 has been in Yamaha’s lineup almost since the last Ice Age or, more precisely, a decade. That’s not because it’s the biggest, baddest, most image-building, or most profitable model, but because it speaks to so many people with a little bit of style, a lowdown price, and an easy-to-ride nature. Hard-core enthusiasts will bypass it due to its milquetoast performance, diminutive size, and lack of bravado. But for some, it’s just right.

Likes: Unique small engine, easy to ride

Dislikes: A wannabe bad boy, fully dressed for the part

Verdict: A rare lightweight entry-level V-twin cruiser

2018 Star Motorcycles V Star 250 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $4,349