2018 Indian Scout Sixty

Not your grandfather’s Indian Scout.

2017 Indian Scout SixtyCRS

One of three bikes in Indian’s “midsize” class, the Scout Sixty is the least expensive pathway to Indian ownership. Its liquid-cooled V-twin displaces 60ci (999cc) and is rated at 78 hp with 65 pound-feet of torque—13 percent larger and 19 percent torquier than Harley’s base 54ci (883cc) Sportster Super Low. The Indian motor also spins faster to deliver peak torque at 5,800 rpm versus a relaxed 3,750 rpm for the Sportster. It’s worth noting that this is the only 60ci engine in the Iowa company’s lineup; the big brother Scout and Scout Bobber have 69ci engines, and the remaining Indians have 111ci mills.

Despite its position as the “starter” Indian, the Scout Sixty is long and lean in profile, forging the impression of a real hot rod. One of its signature features is a lowdown solo seat; measuring just 25.3 inches off the deck, it’s one of the lowest in the industry. Downsides to this accessibility for new or smaller riders is relatively short suspension travel, which noticeably reduces ride comfort on rough roads.

Likes: A stylish and affordable entry-level cruiser from a historic brand.

Dislikes: How low is too low? When the ride quality suffers, as is the case here.

Verdict: The Scout Sixty is a reasonable point of entry to the Indian brand, but you may soon feel like trading up.

2017 Indian Scout Sixty Specs and Pricing

MSRP $8,999
WET WEIGHT 546 lb.