2018 Indian Roadmaster

A premium tourer please, and hold the fringe

2018 Indian Roadmaster
2018 Indian RoadmasterCRS

One rung above the Roadmaster Classic on Indian’s touring ladder, the more simply named Roadmaster adds a small array of highly useful features, beginning with fairing lowers to ward off wind and rain, cold and grime, and a wraparound backrest with integrated armrests that further coddle the passenger. An upgraded 200-watt audio system and hard side bags (instead of leather saddlebags) further distinguish the Roadmaster from the base Roadmaster Classic.

In all, the Roadmaster is a more contemporary version of Indian’s “retro-modernistic” design language. But enough of that stuff, let’s talk machine parts! The big, loping 111ci (1,811cc) V-twin produces maximum torque at just 3,000 rpm, which means you can annihilate the Appalachians or conquer the Continental Divide with barely a downshift of the six-speed transmission. (Okay, maybe a couple of downshifts on the way up Colorado’s Vail Pass.) Electronic fuel injection means quick starts, max power, and economy at any altitude or temperature. A racing-derived cartridge fork and air-adjustable shock smooth out the ride, while a toothed drive belt means no chain oiling—ever.

Likes: Indian was brave to build a contemporary tourer around an air-cooled V-twin, but it works.

Dislikes: A centerstand would make cleaning, packing, and servicing easier.

Verdict: Everything needed for luxury touring and nothing more.

2018 Indian Roadmaster Specs and Pricing

MSRP $28,999