2018 Indian Chief Vintage

Just like the Summer of ’42.

2018 Indian Chief VintageCRS

Indian is all-in for baggers, with the Chief Vintage representing the entry point to the company’s most voluminous model range—eight models in all. As its name promises, the Chief Vintage looks, well, vintage. While featuring the same fully valanced fenders, large headlight nacelle, and fat, twin-cap 5.5-gallon fuel tank of certain other Indians, the Chief Vintage is decked out in either black or a two-tone paint scheme (your choice of green and ivory, blue and white, or silver and black), 16-inch whitewall tires, a studded leather dual seat, and detachable soft-sided saddlebags (in tan or black). A tall windshield adds protection during extended highway stints.

Indian says the Chief Vintage “is a nod to simpler times” and high customer approval for its styling validates the point. Thankfully though, computer-aided design and manufacturing, electronic fuel injection for the Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin, a six-speed gearbox, a modern cartridge-style fork, and triple disc brakes with ABS ensure a more contemporary ride. Adding comfort are available heated grips, an available backrest for the pilot, and available heated front and rear seats.

Likes: For far less bank than a full-on tourer, the Chief Vintage bagger looks and acts like one.

Dislikes: No passenger backrest or floorboards are available.

Verdict: The bare minimum of touring features wrapped together with vintage style.

2018 Indian Chief Vintage Specs and Pricing

MSRP $19,999
WET WEIGHT 850 lb.