2018 Honda CTX700 DCT

The motorcycle that thinks it’s a scooter.

2018 Honda CTX700 DCTHonda

At its 2012 launch, Honda’s unorthodox CTX700 DCT represented what the company felt many urban riders wanted: an easygoing, torquey, low-revving engine coupled to an automatic transmission, plenty of lockable storage, and antilock brakes for safety. To power the NC700X DCT, engineers found an unlikely partner in the Honda Fit, adopting the subcompact car’s basic engine architecture to arrive at a 670cc parallel twin with a flat torque curve and modest (by motorcycle standards) redline.

To allow riders a bit of fun, the six-speed dual-clutch transmission can be operated in “manual” mode via paddle shifters located near the left handgrip, as well as in fully automatic mode. A choice of placid “Drive” or more aggressive “Sport” electronic powertrain mapping is also included; either way, shifts are not blisteringly fast, but then again, neither is the bike. Running gear is traditional, showing that Honda put its money behind the unique powertrain and the modern, low-slung styling to carry the day. For instance, the frame uses traditional steel tubes, and the suspension, brakes, and chain final drive are likewise routine. Factory accessories include saddlebags, heated grips, and more.

Likes: As easy to ride as middleweight motorcycles get

Dislikes: The man bun of motorcycles

Verdict: A highly sensible transportation solution, noticeably devoid of passion

2018 Honda CTX700 DCT Specs and Pricing

MSRP $8,399