2018 Honda CBR650F

What looks right, is right.

2018 Honda CBR650FHonda

Unless you’re a total speed freak, racer, or tech fiend, consider buying this value-oriented CBR650F over Honda’s rageaholic CBR600RR. The extra displacement (649cc versus 599cc), 8 percent longer stroke, and more genial tuning create a flatter power curve, which pays dividends every time you ride, especially around town. As well, the price is more than 25-percent lower than that of a CBR600RR, which in turn helps reduce monthly payments and insurance costs. Do we sound like your parents yet?

Now that we’ve made a rational case for the CBR650F, let’s explore the emotional. For starters, this fully faired middleweight looks fantastic in its Matte Black Metallic and Candy Red livery. The riding position is more open than that of a purebred supersport bike, meaning you won’t feel like you’ve been humping a coconut after every ride. Also, the 461-pound curb weight is only 51 pounds more than that of the CBR600RR, so no huge weight penalty accompanies the cheaper model. And as a final benefit, the CBR650F is rated at 53 mpg, which is better than Honda’s own Accord Hybrid cager. Winner!

Likes: Stirring good looks, agreeable powerband, sensible price

Dislikes: With little suspension adjustability, better hope you like the stock setup

Verdict: A highly rational sportbike solution

2018 Honda CBR650F Specs and Pricing

MSRP $8,749