2018 Harley-Davidson Touring Street Glide Special

Candy-colored hot-rod red-flake streamline, baby.

2018 Harley-Davidson Touring Street Glide SpecialCRS

With 32 models based on a small family of V-twin engines, Harley-Davidson regularly creates new thematic variations. Since there’s already a basic Street Glide—a “hot-rod bagger” in Harley parlance—one may wonder what the Street Glide Special adds. Essentially: 1) blackout engine, exhaust, suspension, controls, and trim treatments; 2) lightweight-looking, black Talon wheels (with an 18-inch rear replacing the Street Glide’s 16-incher) that appear even larger, thanks to spokes that extend to the edges of the rims; 3) taller saddlebags, which bulk up the rear profile and add 0.2 cubic feet more storage; and 4) an up-level Boom! Box 6.5 audio system.

Whereas the standard Street Glide offers nine color choices, the Street Glide Special comes in five. But with a finish badder than even the baddest bass boat’s, the Hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake is the only one that counts, in our humble opinion (and maybe, Tom Wolfe’s too). Otherwise, the Street Glide Special is all Street Glide, right down to its 107ci Milwaukee-Eight engine. And that ain’t so bad.

Likes: That Harley-Davidson keeps stretching the design envelope.

Dislikes: If only H-D would stretch its engine envelope too.

Verdict: For the 24 percent price bump over a Street Glide, you'd better really like the Street Glide Special's finishes.

2018 Harley-Davidson Touring Street Glide Special Specs and Pricing

MSRP $25,999
WET WEIGHT 836 lb.