2018 Harley-Davidson Street 750

2018 Harley-Davidson Street 750
2018 Harley-Davidson Street 750CRS

The most famous Harley racers were 750cc. Now, finally, here’s a H-D Street 750—but it’s more relaxing than racy.

Customers eyeing the Street 750 can take heart in the knowledge that the engine is a basis of Harley-Davidson’s American Flat Track race program. Now entering its fifth year, the model uses a modern aluminum, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin which, in production form, delivers very pleasant low- and midrange power that’s just right for city and recreational riding.

The seating position is traditional Harley: low, with semi-forward-mounted footpegs and controls, and a wide handlebar. The combination is a proven cocktail of around-town riding comfort. Although, in reality, as a sportbike the Street 750 has limitations, in part due to the ease of dragging footpegs and boot heels in corners. So if your focus is on urban or suburban riding experiences rather than canyon carving, the Street 750 is a perky, competent ride.

In keeping with tradition for larger Harleys, The Motor Company makes available a huge array of accessories for the Street 750, meaning individualizing it to your tastes is as easy as picking, choosing, and then turning a few wrenches.

Likes: The powerband is really fun and pleasant, just right for city and light-duty sport riding.

Dislikes: The fit and finish fall short in some areas, such as visible wiring and cheap-looking fasteners.

Verdict: With American Flat Track in its blood, this is one Harley-Davidson that's just begging to be hot-rodded and customized.

2018 Harley-Davidson Street 750 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $7,599