2018 BMW S 1000 RR

The monster of Munich.

2018 BMW S 1000 RRBMW

Some deals in this world are just so completely amazing, why they’re nearly incomprehensible. For example, priced less than a Kia Soul (gack!), the S1000RR’s DOHC inline-four knocks out nearly 200 hp per liter—a claimed 199 hp at 13,500 rpm from 999cc—without the benefit of a turbo or supercharger. And as the machine weighs just 459 pounds wet, this makes its weight-to-power ratio nearly twice as strong as that of the $517,770, V-12-powered Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. So why doesn’t every car freak get an S1000RR and save his or her remaining roll for something more important like alimony, a condo in the Bahamas, or a jet? Because not everyone has the…shall we say…anatomy to ride one.

Just a sampling of the technologies that help owners enjoy their S1000RR safely: BMW’s Dynamic Traction Control, which modulates power to the rear wheel, even in midcorner; Dynamic Damping Control that adjusts the suspension to road or track conditions in milliseconds; and selectable ride modes that tailor power characteristics to preference. Forged aluminum wheels, clutchless shifting, and three color combos perfect this pick.

Likes: An extreme inline-four that's not from the Big Four

Dislikes: Bright analog tach and drab multifunction LCD are unimpressive together

Verdict: Do not make this your first motorbike!

2018 BMW S 1000 RR Specs and Pricing

MSRP $15,995
WET WEIGHT 459 lb.