2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler

Streetbike by breeding, scrambler by name.

2018 BMW R nineT ScramblerBMW

“Scramblers” are darlings of the moto-industry today. But what are they, anyway? Originating in postwar Britain, scramblers were modified streetbikes that could “scramble” across open countryside, a practice that eventually morphed into motocross. So technically then, BMW’s R nineT Scrambler fulfills the mission imparted by its name. The bike starts with same air-cooled and fuel-injected 1,170cc opposed twin, six-speed transmission, and shaft drive found in the other road R nineT road models. The Scrambler then blazes its own trail with dual high-mounted exhaust pipes and a hipster-pleasing brown dual seat.

Like the more dirt-oriented R nineT Urban G/S, the Scrambler has 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels paired with street-oriented rubber; if you wish though, proper wire-spoke wheels and lugged dual-sport tires can be fitted. So too can an opaque fly screen shaped like an old-school racing number plate, a brown solo seat and rear cowl, and a lightweight Akrapovič single exhaust. Antilock triple-disc brakes are standard, but automatic stability control (ASC) is also available, as are various extra-cost two-tone paint schemes.

Likes: Optional low suspension, dirt-oriented wheels and tires, aluminum fuel tank

Dislikes: It's probably just us, but aren't brown saddles for horses?

Verdict: A big 1.2-liter streetbike dressed up like a scrambler

2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler Specs and Pricing

MSRP $12,995
WET WEIGHT 485 lb.