Yamaha Updates Its FZ Lineup with the New, More Sophisticated FZ-10 SP

Electronic controlled suspension on your FZ, anyone?

I might not have been a big fan of the FZ-10 when it was initially debuted, but the bike is growing on me in a big way. The platform looks like it's only getting better too, Yamaha having just announced that for 2017 it will offer an SP version of the bike, complete with R1M-/R1-culled technologies like Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS), super slick Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display, and quickshifter (which will also come standard on the base model FZ-10).

I've always said that, in certain applications (at the track), I’d rather have manually adjustable suspension, but for a bike like the FZ-10 I think it’s a great option. Having the suspension adapt to the many different types of riding you’ll experience in a single ride—city street riding, canyon carving, and freeway droning—is a huge part of enjoying the bike’s widely ranging capabilities. The latest electronic suspension systems are really good too, with a better balance between firm/soft settings than was the case before.

It’ll be interesting to see how this specific system varies between that of the R1M, as I'd like to think Yamaha will tailor the performance of the system with street rides in mind, versus track riding. The mean streets of LA aren't very forgiving, after all.

The bigger hope, of course, is that Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A actually brings the FZ-10 SP stateside, as right now the bike was only introduced as the MT-10 SP in Europe.

The 2017 FZ-10 SP adds Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension and a TFT display to a package we've already been falling in love with.Courtesy of Yamaha
Bold styling, only now it's more sophisticated.Courtesy of Yamaha
In Europe at least, the FZ-10 SP come in this special paint.Courtesy of Yamaha
The R1M's Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension impressed us in our time with that bike, and the hope is that the FZ-10 SP's bits will be just as good at managing settings in the wide range of conditions a road will throw our way.Courtesy of Yamaha
Yamaha did well when they designed this TFT display for the R1, and we're happy to see it make its way over to the FZ-10.Courtesy of Yamaha
The 2017 FZ-10 SP in action.Courtesy of Yamaha