2017 Honda Rebel 500

2017 Honda Rebel 500
2017 Honda Rebel 500CRS

The Honda Rebel 500 is the identical brother to the Rebel 300 however this minute older sibling is a bit stronger and more powerful. In an attempt to broaden the entry level market for new and skilled motorcyclists, Honda has redesigned and reengineered the popular Rebel line to include both the Rebel 300 and 500. The Honda Rebel 500 will be geared more toward seasoned and new riders who desire an excellent entry level motorcycle that will grow with them and their skill for years to come.

The Honda Rebel 500 is practically identical to the Rebel 300 except for the engine. The Honda Rebel 500 boasts the 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin four-stroke engine found in the CBR500R, CB500F, and CB500X. The Rebel 500 produces a fair 46 hp, making it perfect for city and highway trips but with the increase in power comes an increase in weight, making the Rebel 500 about 44lbs heavier than the Rebel 300.

Additional features available on the Honda Rebel 500 include a six speed transmission, optional ABS, an estimated 67 mpg, digital speedometer and fuel gauge, and a 12-volt accessory power socket.

The Honda Rebel 500 is priced at $5,999 and comes in two colors: Bright Yellow, Matte Silver Metallic.

2017 Honda Rebel 500 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $5,999

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Thoughts from the Staff

“The Honda Rebel 500 is just about the perfect bike for a new or intermediate rider. It’s cheap, easy to customize, easy to ride, and just plain old fun!” Morgan Gales - Editor, Street Chopper Magazine