Father's Day is just under a week away and, if you're anything like us, this is both the first you're hearing of it and the first you've thought about what to get dad. Fortunately for you (and us), a calendar reminded us in time to poll the staff and put together a list of the motorcycle products and accessories we think your dad will absolutely love. You'll probably find some stuff you didn't know you needed on our list as well. And, as always, add anything we forgot to the comments below.

visor cleaner
V2 Visor SpongeCycle World Graphic

We never thought we'd be excited about a sponge, but the V2 Visor Sponge is no ordinary sponge. Its incredibly dense foam holds onto water for days, which means soaking it and then putting it in its plastic pouch will let you keep a visor clean for up to a week straight without needing to find more water. Additionally, the sponge is chemical free and won't scratch your visor no matter how badly the bugs are caked on there. The V2 sponge also comes with two quick-dry heavy duty paper towels to ensure your visor stays streak free. We take one on every road trip.

Leatherman New Wave MultitoolCycle World Graphic

Our friends at The Wirecutter say the Leatherman New Wave is the best there is when it comes to multitools, and they spend their whole lives giving products like this thousands of hours of testing. Which is perfect, because when you're stranded on the side of some desolate roads and you hear coyotes howling in the distance and you're tired and cold—you need a tool you can count on. Or so I've heard...

Kriega R25
Kriega R25 Motorcycle BackpackCycle World Graphic

Visit the office of almost any motorcycle magazine and you'll find a Kriega backpack next to most of the desks. Built to move the weight so more of it is carried on your hips, Kriega backpacks are the best option for any road trip and work great for the daily commute. They also sell waterproof five- and ten-liter add-ons that strap on to the back should you need additional space. It's also lightweight, comes with a ten-year warranty, takes a hydration pouch, and its front harness system makes the straps easier to put on over armored jackets. This thing is a no brainer.

base layers
Alpinestars Base LayersCycle World Graphic

A good set of base layers can be the difference between a great ride and an awful one. Whether it's to add comfort under a set of dirtbike armor, under a set of leathers to keep you cool (and help you get your leathers off an on), or just under normal clothes on a hot day; base layers make riding much more comfortable. Alpinestars new Ride Tech line is incredible, allowing for more movement than previous generations and providing best in class comfort. Once your dad tries riding in a nice set of base layers, he'll never go back.

silk scarf
Aerostich Competition Silk ScarfCycle World Graphic

No, we're not trying to give dad some style points, but we do think regulating his body temperature is something he'll love on his next ride. Your neck is one of the best places to regulate body temperature, so wetting this scarf on a hot summer day or wrapping it tightly on a cold winter day makes a huge difference between a miserable ride and staying comfy. We love the scarf in white as it will color nicely with use and add character, but they also make it in black.

disc lock
Motorcycle Disc LockCycle World Graphic

Our motorcycles are an extension of us, which is why there is nothing worse than getting your motorcycle stolen. All of the memories made, all of the mods added, all gone in an instant. But a simple disc lock for a motorcycle can be one of the most effective deterrents for thieves, and this cheap lock from Kyptonite works great. It's compact and lightweight, comes with a bright orange tether so you won't forget it's attached and try to ride away, and it's nearly impossible to cut off. Or, if you want to add more protection, this Xena XX-14 disc lock with a 120 db alarm.

ear plugs
Howard Leight Ear PlugsCycle World Graphic

Did you know that the average helmet has an interior volume of somewhere around 90-95 decibels? That's more than is allowed passing the sound trap at Mazda Raceway's Laguna Seca most days, which means it's far more than you should be subjecting your ears to every day. Riding with ear plugs saves your hearing, cuts road noise so you can actually isolate other sounds (like horns) better, and these ones are lightweight and comfortable for long stretches of time. I bought this box two years ago and still have handfuls remaining.

Mobile Battery Pack - $27 and $30

battery pack
Portable Battery PowerCycle World Graphic

More and more, motorcycling requires us to take extra juice on the go. Whether it's to power up that Sena headset or keep Rever working on your phone during a ride, a mobile battery pack can be just the thing your dad needs to make his rides better. There are lots of great options in this field, so again we looked to the testing wizards at TheWirecutter.com for advice. They love the Jackery Bolt and the RAVpower units best. The Jackery Bolt comes with a mini USB and a lightning cable built in, is about the size of a bar of soap, and will charge an iPhone 7 twice in less time than charging via a wall charger. The RAVPower is the one we use as it will charge two things simultaneously and can charge an iPhone 7 almost six times. Whether dad needs juice on the go, or just doesn't like to sit near a wall charger while playing Clash of Clans, he'll love this.

GoPro Session
GoPro HERO5 SessionCycle World Graphic

GoPro has packed the internals from the HERO4 Black into the body of their tiny Session camera, which is perfect for motorcyclists. Smaller and lighter than the main camera, the Session is easy to mount anywhere on the bike or on the helmet, especially with this special low profile helmet mount kit. We love the Session for taking along on dualsport rides or for documenting hot laps at the track. The Session is also super easy to use, especially with the GoPro app.

Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle - $23-$90

insulated bottle
Hydro Flask BottlesCycle World Graphic

Alcohol and motorcycles are a terrible combination. BUT, few things top off a long day of riding at the track or on some trip better than a cold one which means alcohol and motorcycle trips go together like our man Sean and skinny jeans. Hydro Flasks insulated bottles will keep your beer frosty or your whiskey iced for up to 24 hours. An 18-ounce bottle starts at $23, working all the way up to a 64-ounce growler for $90.

A New Set Of Tires - $200-$400

motorcycle tires
TiresCycle World Graphic

Few things feel better than a fresh set of rubber, especially if your dad likes the sportier side of riding. We recently tested Dunlop's new Q3+ and Michelin's new Power RS rubber, two new sets of tires designed for the street but with some exceptional track performance. Either will make dad feel faster on his bike and keep him safer while he's out riding.

Racer mickeys
Racger Gloves USA Mickey glovesCycle World Graphic

There's a good reason why you'll see most journalists in Kriega backpacks and Racer Gloves USA mitts; they're the best on the market. Racer Gloves USA Mickey glove are a fairly basic short cuff glove in an understated black that pack some serious protection. Knuckle, palm, and pinky sliders keep the common impact areas safe while Clarino leather and something called "super fabric" keep the glove on and comfortable. For daily riding, these are our favorite.

scala rider
Scala Rider PactalkCycle World Graphic

Riding with a bluetooth headset can be a complete game changer, especially if dad commutes on his motorcycle often, likes to take long trips, loves riding to music, or has a tendency to get lost. They put whoever is calling, your directions, or your jams inside your helmet, let you communicate with other riders, and have become much easier to use as of late. Scala's new Pactalk features a new mesh technology, which makes popping in and out of the chat much easier and doesn't require you to re-pair when someone falls out of range.

Motion Pro
Motion Pro Digital Air Pressure GaugeCycle World Graphic

Tire pressure plays a huge role in both a bike's performance and safety. We check our tire pressures here every other week or so, and every time we swing a leg over a bike that hasn't been ridden recently. A digital gauge like this one from Motion Pro is easy to use and will make sure that dad's bike is ready to ride each time he goes out.

Trak Tape - $20-$70

motorcycle tape
Trak TapeCycle World Graphic

Anyone who converts their streetbike for track duty often knows the paid of taping up your headlights and brake lights each time. Trak Tape makes that easy and keeps your bike look snazzy for photos by offering pre-cut sections of tape sized perfectly for your bike, all offered in select colors and decals.

bike wash
Bel Ray Bike WashCycle World Graphic

Bel Ray Bike Wash sprays on quick, sticks to dirt and grime, and washes off with a hose. It's safe on paint, fiberglass, plastic, chrome, aluminum, and alloy, and it's also environmentally friendly. This stuff makes a full bike wash easy, but it also works great with just a quick spray and a clean rag when you have dirty spots you want to get rid of. For an even better present, use it to wash his bike before you give it to him and tell him you already tested it out (and then tell him to go look at his bike).