If you should find the need to gain quick separation from a post-apocalyptic mutant zombie horde, I can think of no better weapon than the Ducati Diavel Diesel. Owner of the quickest 0-60 mph time of any production motorcycle Cycle World has ever tested, in standard trim Ducati's low-slung, fat tire muscle cruiser is quick to turn heads and commands a double-take for its 'Diesel' styling treatment.

A successor to the collectable 2012 limited edition Monster Diesel, Ducati Design Center has once again collaborated with stylists at Diesel, a premium denim retail and fashion brand. “Diesel has always been a very provocative brand,” explained Stefano Tarabusi, Ducati Product Manager. “We really love to work with a brand like Diesel because it allows us to do things that we could not do in Ducati alone.” Referring to design constraints imposed by Ducati’s core identity, he said “We could never launch a bike like the Diavel Diesel as Ducati alone. It’s a bit too disruptive and far from our brand values and approach. But we can do very crazy things when we work with them.”

2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel on-road action
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)

Crazy in this sense is a Mad Max-inspired retro-futuristic theme featuring steel tank cover, passenger seat cover and fly screen with external welds and rivets. A hand brushed finish is said to lend each of the 666 limited production units an individual appearance unique unto itself. Other stylistic changes include a genuine leather saddle embossed with a triple D pyramid logo featuring 3 type fonts representing Ducati, Diesel and Diavel. A second DDD pyramid adorns the matte black front fender. The exhaust header is coated in black ceramic Zircotec and the mufflers wear billet aluminum end caps. Red-tinted methacrylate inserts with the Diesel logo engraved on the back side are located on the left and right air intakes. The theme is continued by red Brembo calipers and five red drive chain links. The upper LCD dash is also backlit in red to mimic an old monochrome computer display.

2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel fuel tank details
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)

Looks aside, the ride remains pure Diavel with its 62.2-inch wheelbase, 30.3-inch seat height, relaxed 28-degree rake and 5.1-inch trail steering geometry adding up to impeccable stability and overall ease of use. The ride is sportily taut over bumps and handling is surprisingly light with a near natural steering feel despite the meaty 240/45 ZR 17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II residing at the rear.

2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel seat details
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)

The ride-by-wire system allows a choice of Urban, Touring or Sport power delivery modes along with 8 traction control settings to suit the mood or road conditions. Touring mode provided an ideal balance of sensual throttle pickup and arm stretching acceleration while blasting about the city of Bologna, Italy where Ducati is based. Slowing for an erratic motorist reminded me just how well the Diavel stops. Its long, low stance, sport-spec Brembos and superb abs make this platform one of best braking performers in the Ducati model line.

Whether you encounter mutants or not, it never hurts to be prepared for the apocalypse. The Diavel Diesel will help put you in the mindset in a most playful fashion.

2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel beauty scene
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)
Engine type liquid-cooled V-twin
Displacement 1198cc
Seat height 30.3 in.
Fuel capacity 4.5 gal.
Claimed weight 527 lb. (curb)
Base price $25,795
2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel static 3/4 view
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)
2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel beauty shot
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)
2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel fairing details
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)
dan canet sitting on the 2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)
don canet at ducati headquarters
2017 Ducati Diavel DieselMilagro (Marco Zamponi)