An Even Closer Look at Loris Baz's 180 MPH Crash at Sepang

Replay that, please.

Loris Baz crashing at Sepang

The 2016 MotoGP pre-season tests are quickly coming to an end, and barring any catastrophe in the final days of testing at the Losail Circuit in Qatar, Loris Baz will walk away as the man who made the biggest headlines. Baz accomplished that, of course, at Sepang International Circuit during the first pre-season test, when the rear tire on his Desmosedici GP14.2 came apart and sent him sliding feet first down the track’s front straight.

There was little-to-no video footage from the crash, but lucky for us a photographer was standing at the far end of the front straight and caught all of the action on camera.

And while that sound-devoid clip will still leave you wondering what it could possibly have sounded like when Baz’s tire came apart, or when his bike met guard rail, it does give you a better sense of what happened in the crash. Seeing the pictures spliced together like this makes you realize how lucky Baz was to not have the bike hit him on its way back across the track, too.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen and Baz was able to walk away from the crash with no injuries, only his name plastered across the homepage of websites the world over.

Here’s to hoping the rest of the pre-season tests go off without a hitch and we don’t end up with more clips like the one below.